sri maruthi sparklers sivakasi
Sri Maruthi Sparklers (Katha Brand)

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Our sparklers will be your best choice to celebrate any occasion and add a special flare to even the simplest of events. Bring the magic of Celebration to any party such as weddings, festivals and birthdays with our colourful sparklers.

We provide wide range of sparklers, to name a few, coloured sparklers, crackling sparklers, gold sparklers. Our sparklers are also available in many colours and different sizes, so that you can create the perfect atmosphere for your occasions and festivals.

sri maruthi sparklers sivakasi

Our Products

Sparklers (7cm 10cm 12cm)

Our sparklers are designed in various sizes which are comfortable and safe to be used by all age groups of people. 7cm and 10cm sparklers comes in 13 attractive colours. 12 cm sparklers comes in 4 unique colours. These size sparklers are loved by kids for their wide of colours especially the 50/50 sparklers which glows in two different colours.

Maruthi Sparklers 7cm,10cm,12cm were specially made for kids with excess care and love from us.

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Sparklers (15cm 30cm 50cm)

These sparklers burns with a beautifully vibrant shower of sparks over a long period of time. These sparklers are available in 4 eye catchy colours. These long lasting sparklers are perfect for wedding photoshoots. These size sparklers are more likely to be preferred by adult.

Maruthi Sparklers is a wise choice for people who love to celebrate festivals at night.

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Customer is our Boss

While considering quality products we also aim at providing eco friendly products. All our sparklers are certified to be "Green Fireworks", which are devoid of harmful chemicals and cause fewer emission than conventional firecrackers.
Our first priority is quality and customer experience...We focus on the user experince while handling our sparklers and it seems to be the success of our maruthi sparklers brand.

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